Top 4 Hula Hoop Exercises

Top 4 Hula Hoop Exercises

11/12/2019 Off By Hoopla

There are a lot of hula hoop exercises and not just the most common stand twist. Stand twist is when you place the hoop around you and start moving it using your core. To get it out of the way, stand twist is a great hula hoop exercise for your abs.

But you need to get creative and active with that hoop. Here are 4 hula hoop exercises with great benefits.

Arm Circles

The hula hoop arm circle workout is great for your shoulders and arms. It gives your entire body a good stretching and it also improves your balance. What you do is place the hoop in the air between your forearms and palms.

Then raise your hands in the air and stick them together like you’re praying. After that, start spinning the hoop slowly at first and then pump it up when you feel the burn in your shoulders and arms. Make sure that your elbows are slightly bent.


This one is easy but elevates the burn you are about to feel. Don’t worry though, keep doing this and your abs are going to pop. Sit on the floor and then position your body 60 degrees. Next, raise both of your legs and place your feet on top of the hoop’s lower inner side.

You then hold the upper outer part of the hoop with both your hands. You are now holding the hoop in midair with both your arms and feet. Think of it as the planking version of the hula hoop exercise. Better yet, think of it as crunching, only with a hula hoop.

Hoop Squat

The hula hoop squat is a good way to burn fat on the hips and thighs. Hula hoop exercises are mainly a core blaster and hoop squat are the perfect example of that. What you do is you place the hula hoop in front of you like a driving wheel and then squat.

Easy right? But the real challenge is, how long can you squat while holding on to the hoop.

Tree Press

The tree press demands great body balance. The tree press is a great triceps workout and also improves your balance, just like most exercises with a hula hoop.

You hold the hula hoop behind your head while standing straight. Next, you raise the sole of your right foot and then place it on the inner side of your left leg. You do that for 30 seconds and then it’s your left’s foot turn.