Exercise-themed Slot Machines for Fitness Lovers

Exercise-themed Slot Machines for Fitness Lovers

15/01/2020 Off By Hoopla

As much as possible we want to promote the idea of exercising for all of our readers and everyone out there, not just in Canada. Hoopla is all about living a more active and healthy life through different forms of exercises, mainly hula hooping of course.

But we need to take breaks sometimes. We can’t spend all our time exercising or we would burn out. That’s not even the worst scenario. So, keep in mind to always take a break, quick breaks or long breaks. Just as long as you remain active, you’ll get the hang of it.

The problem now is what will you do to fill in those hours when you are not working out. Well, you can rest, eat or you know, just chill. But we’ve got a better idea. To keep you engaged, why not try a couple of exercise-themed slot machines?

This idea might be farfetched, but it works in keeping your mind active and ready for all the exercise you want to do.

Freaky Gym

Freaky Gym is playful, colourful, and exciting. This slot machine with 5 reels has 30 paylines. That’s a lot of ways to win and get matching combinations. The game has a minimum bet of 0.05 and a maximum bet of 150. You also get a slot RTP of 94.34%. How’s that for a bonus?

Speaking of bonus, the Freaky Gym offers four slot features, multipliers, scatters, bonus rounds, and free spins. Slots are not a strategy game but here, you can get strategic with rationing your free spins and multipliers.

The game’s theme is centred on a couple of characters with their exercise regimen. Weightlifting, boxing, balance exercise, and more. Too bad there’s no hula hooping.

Peak Physique

In Peak Physique you are greeted by a couple of ladies with great physiques working out at a gym. The game playfully and effectively integrated the elements of a real gym into the slot title.

You get weightlifting exercise, power drinks, steam rooms, and so much more. The game is not that difficult to understand at is has the usual features, multipliers, bonus rounds, and scatters. You also get to play for the progressive jackpot that.

The game is also compliant with Canadian online gambling laws which is very important for you.

Keep in mind that is it legal for offshore online gambling operators to stay in business in Canada. However, operators within Canada operating in Canada are not allowed.

These are the top 2 online slot machines you can play right now. Important reminder before you start playing at online casino websites, first check that it is legit and in compliance with Canadian online gambling and gambling laws.

To help you out, you can try Online casino royal vegas. This website is perfect if you want to try the slot machines mentioned above. You can also enjoy more than 500 casino games. So, do you know any exercise-themed slot games out there? Please share it if you do.