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Centering Your Core

Cultures around the world see the circle as sacred. It signifies the never beginning, never ending continuum of life. It is eternal. When you find yourself inside these hoops imagine that you are in the center of your life, moving with each revolution, each breath a step closer to your core, still, silent, strong. The art of hooping centers your being in the present moment and creates a focused and clear mind. It relies on your body finding its natural rhythm and letting it move to keep the spiraling energy of life moving, keeping the circle up. Change your speed and breath and find your unique rhythm. Listen to different music, sing, dance, play, have fun. You will find that with increased core strength and improved movement you will also have a clearer mind if you bring awareness into your movements and approach fitness in a holistic way. The hoop facilitates this wonderful benefit that we find in many ancient traditions like Yoga and Tai Chi.

Enjoy! Move! Smile! Love from a small island in the Pacific,