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developer MAKEFILE

Apple II projects kansasfest:Apple II Programming Adventures Vince Weaver
iigs.ksherlock.com kansasfest:So You Want To Write An FST Kelvin Sherlock
Rand-Emonium Software Quality Apple // Software and Tools Jeremy Rand
French Touch ctrl-pomme-reset.fr Arnaud Cocquière  
Brutal Deluxe Programming Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini  
ProDOS 8 V2.4 Open Apple 2015 John Brooks  
Official Games BASIC Games Brian Picchi  
buckshot apple2.gs Dagen Brock  
bmp2dhr Apple Oldies Bill Buckles
tohgr sim65 Sheldon Simms
nox archaist 6502workshop.com Mark Lemmert  
4am to (de)protect and (pre)serve
qkumba's Apple II stuff Peter Ferrie  
michaelangel007 Michael Pohoreski
SHORT, Super-Mon with NakedOS, and p2e Pseudo-II Emulator Martin Haye  
Ivan X's Apple II Extravaganza featuring words and numbers .do to .po one-liner Ivan Drucker  
Apple II Files fadden.com Andy McFadden
AppleCommander sourceforge.net Rob Greene
wishtoknow's list applefritter.com
Apple II Developers at Work apple2.org.za
Apple Assembly Line Archive Bob Sander-Cederlof
The Steve Wozniak Range Check Hack

programming APPL/CODE

2017 minos palettes onecycle
2016 winter Terraspin portcullis reverse venetian blind
2015 winter vbl nameless
2014 capt normal-inverse flappy bird logo tesla
2013 USR recursive
2012 mario! winter retrochallenge forest fire a2hq
2011 pom1 for Mac OS X winter retrochallenge rainbow: a "floating bus" example
2010 retrochallenge turning the Apple II into a lisp machine
2009 Pong in Applesoft
winter 2008 winter 2007 contests
2006 Apple-1 for Apple II THE LAMP! applefritter
1992 Tetris in Applesoft
1984! stalactites

applesoft APPL/SOFT

Apple IIGS Foreground, Background and Border Colors
Change Address of Beginning of BASIC Program to $C01
Apple II Zero Page Usage
Zero Page Addresses Jon Relay's Apple II Info Archives
Apple II Programming apple2.org.za ftp rtfm.mit.edu http://home.swbell.net/rubywand/csa2pfaq.html
Apple ][ Source reverse-engineered source code for the System and DOS
Applesoft source code
S-C DocuMentor: Applesoft source code
monitor source code
6502 op codes

assembler 6502/.ASM list

asm6 6502 assembler - NES stuff home.comcast.net/~olimar/NES
xa (xa65) is Andre Fachat's open-source 6502 cross assembler Cameron Kaiser
The ACME Crossassembler for Multiple Environments Marco Baye
dev65 A Portable 65xx Development System (java) Andrew Jacobs
sbasm The A1-Assembler San Bergmans
fasm macro-assembler written in C Toshi Morita
fasm may require mot2bin to convert a Motorola hex file to binary Jacques Pelletier

the dasm macro assembler
dasm2 a total rewrite of the DASM cross assembler
64tass 6502/65C02/R65C02/W65C02/65CE02/65816/DTV/65EL02 Turbo Assembler
ATasm A mostly Mac/65 compatible cross-assembler
The AMAC Atari Macro Assembler
Kick Assembler
Madass multi-pass crossassembler designed for 6502 and 65816 processors
vasm A portable and retargetable assembler Dr. Volker Barthelmann
WLA DX GB-Z80/Z80/6502/65C02/6510/65816/HUC6280/SPC-700 Multi Platform Cross Assembler Ville Helin

Assembler in book: Practical microcomputer programming: The 6502 Weller, W. J
 (not an assembler, but noteworthy) Assembly Lines Roger Wagner
mathpiper 6502 monitor plug-in with ASSEMBLE command Ted Kosan
ca65 cross-assembler Ullrich von Bassewitz
a65 Apple II Cross Development Notes John B. Matthews, M.D.
as6502 A 6502 Cross Assembler John Saeger

asm6502.py A simple but powerful 6502 assembler David Beazley
asm6502.r A 6502 assembler in rebol John Niclasen
hxa Hobby Cross Assembler in Thompson AWK
Asm6502 Quickie 6502 assembler in Pascal Bruce Tomlin
Asm6502 A 6502 Assembler in C and Perl
asm6502 A simple 6502 assembler Peter Eriksson
An ASM Monad haskell Lewis
6502asm.com 6502 compatible assembler and emulator in javascript Stian Søreng
6502 Assembler written in JavaScript Norbert Landsteiner
BBC Basic Assembly language

"I could never afford an assembler for the 6502 which I bought for $20." - Steve Wozniak
Apple II Mini-Assembler F666G
Sweet 16 metaprocessor or "pseudo microprocessor"
DOS source code hand-written on 80-column punch card sheets
    which would then be read into a National Semiconductor IMP-16 and assembled, and a paper tape produced
TED/ASM Gary Shannon, Randy Wigginton
Randy's Weekend Assembler Randy Wigginton
Apple EDASM DOS Tool Kit: Assembler
TLA The Last Assembler (Apple Pascal Assembler)

Micro-Products Apple II Six-Character Editor/Assembler Apple Assembler Incorporates Editor
S-C Macro Assembler Bob Sander-Cederlof
LISALazerware's Interactive Symbolic Assembler Randall Hyde
Big Mac / Merlin Glen Bredon
Merlin 32 zip (brutaldeluxe.fr) Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini
Assembler, The v1.0c (1983)(MicroSPARC) (archive.org)
Assmblr-Macrosoft Mike Harvey
TASM The Telemark Cross Assembler

Ninja Force Assembler The fastest assembly environment for the Apple IIGS
Older Software Downloads (apple.com)
Apple IIgs development with MPW Setup
programming tools (apple2.org.za)
Cortland Programmer's Workshop The Original Apple IIGS Development Environment
ORCA/M Assembler Download

BrkDown Disassembler Speccie's Software Archive
The Flaming Bird Disassembler the most powerful Apple IIgs disassembler in the galaxy

software APPL/BNDL

Virtual Apple 2 Call-A.P.P.L.E. Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange Bill Martens  
    Empire — "Strategic Conquest" for Apple II
Mac GUI City Apple II Downloads David Finnigan
Brutal Deluxe Software is a small group of programmers located in Paris, France Antoine Vignau
fortycolumns krue.net Daniel Krüe
Snacking On! Software (berighteous.com)
The Software Library: Apple Computer (archive.org)
asimov ftp mirror http
Planet Emulation les jeux video ont aussi leur histoire
NitroRoms Apple II ROMS : Sorted By Name : Page 1
Apple 2 stuff Paul Schlyter
Bob Bishop's Apple-][ Software Bob Bishop  
The Ultimate Apple II Font kreativekorp.com Rebecca Bettencourt
Kitchen Sink Software Apple II Classics Eric Bush
Kula Software five used Apple II software titles
Byte Works Syndicomm making your computer work for you
EGO Systems software for the Apple II-IIGS, Macintosh and Newton!

emulation EMUL/6502

AppleWin NTSC by Sheldon Simms
Virtual ][ by Gerard Putter Mac OS X
Apple2ix by Aaron Culliney Mac OS X, Linux/BSD, iOS, Android
OpenEmulator openemulator.org by Marc S. Ressl Mac OS X and java, and
    AppleIIGo www-personal.umich.edu/~mressl/appleiigo/ Mac OS X widget, mobile phone midlet
cAndy Apple Android
PalmApple Palm
The Octalyzer An Apple //e Emulator for Fun and Education macOS (64-bit), Windows, Linux
JACE old Swing version (sourceforge.net)
GPL3-licensed Epple ][ by Christopher A. Mosher Linux, Windows
MoDapple by Steve Nickolas Windows
EMU][ - p.k.a. Dapple ][ by Steve Nickolas, Holger Picker, Marcin Woloszczuk Linux
LinApple by Sergey Tzar Linux
KEGS "Kent's Emulated GS" by Kent Dickey Mac OS X, Win32, Linux, Unix/X11
KEGS-SDL by Frédéric Devernay BeOS, MacOS, Linux, Win32
KEGS based GSport by David Schmidt cross-platform!
KEGS based GSplus by Dagen Brock Modern Features
XGS 32 by Steven W. Mentzer Windows
OSXII by Axel Bauer Mac OS X
Virtu by Nick Westgate Silverlight
A HOWTO on using MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) with SDL2 macOS Linux Windows
    MESS (Multi Emulator Super System) is now part of MAME
Sweet16 by Eric Shepherd   Mac OS X
"Fast Eddie" Bernie ][ the Rescue by Henrik Gudat puremac.com bernie.gs/Bernie archive.org Mac
Gus 1.0b4 © 1993-1996 Apple Computer, Inc. PowerPC Mac
Apple ][ and Agat 7/9 "soviet clones of apple" by Oleg Odintsov Windows
Appler archive.org by Emil Dotchevski and Alexander Patalenski Windows/DOS
ApplePC Emulator by David Ellsworth MS-DOS
A2 Oasis Emulator, Disk Manager, Disk Server by Teodor Angeloff Windows
][ in a Mac was the first Apple II emulator

Apple II emulators ftp.apple.asimov.net
emulation.net http://emulation.victoly.com/apple2/ :( archive.org
Apple - II Series Emulators Zophar's Domain
Apple II Emulation under Mac OS X
Apple II Series Emulators virtualapple.org
Apple Emulators home page for Apple II emulators
Pure Mac: Emulators Software for Macintosh
search sourceforge.net

podcast PAUD/CAST

"Boo Atari" AKA Open Apple an Apple II podcast Mike Maginnis and Quinn Dunki
Retro Computing Roundtable Earl Evans, Paul Hagstrom, Michael Mulhern and Carrington Vanston
Apple Time Warp Apple ][ games and related topics John Romero and Craig Johnston
1 MHz The Apple II Podcast Carrington Vanston
A2Unplugged The Apple II Podcast Ryan Suenaga  

8-bit Sound & Fury Apple II Sound & Music Software Simon Williams
1bit Music Compo
Binary Time Constant (BTc) Sound Encoder Compression Algorithm (romanblack.com) macgui

6502 8BIT/HDWR

Applesauce and WOZ Disk Image Reference [PDF] John K Morris
Apple II Preserving and Operating Apple 1 and Early Apple II Computers Mike Willegal
Ian's dream apple2.net Ian Kim
Blondihacks hacking projects Quinn Dunki  
brielcomputers.com if you can't get the real thing, get the Briel thing Vince Briel  
SEPA Electronics designs and builds custom PCB's for Apple II, II+, IIe, and IIgs. Bill Garber
Apple II Projects Michael J. Mahon
DiscFerret Apple II GCR
16sector.com Tony Diaz  
Apple II Projects blog Lukazi
project: cffa compact flash memory card Richard Dreher
Contiki The Contiki Operating System Adam Dunkels
Guide to building the Contiki for Retrocomputing applications on your own Oliver Schmidt
IDE / ATA interface Stéphane Guillard
www.cc65.org 6502.org Forum
www.6502.org: Tutorials and Aids
cc65 ftp://ftp.musoftware.de/pub/uz/cc65/ Ullrich von Bassewitz
Western Design Center Microprocessor - Microcontroller - IP - 8 and 16-bit CMOS Bill Mensch
Project Books for Apple II Computers
hack apple ii - français
http://rich12345.tripod.com/aiivideo/softalk.html aiiadict


a2RetroSystems The Uther Apple II ethernet
Marina The IP stack of Apple II
Marinetti TCP/IP for the Apple IIgs
http://lancegs.a2central.com/ LANceGS ethernet card for Apple II computers
The Apple ][ Ethernet Card ][ be or Not ][ Be was it's question
TCP/IP for the Apple IIgs Available Interfaces for GS-TCP

keyboards KBRD/HELP

GSE-Reactive Apple II legacy hardware Henry Courbis
Index of -apple2-images
Applefritter Apple IIe Platinum Keyboard
Keyboards available for Apple 1-Replica 1 Applefritter


Free eBooks Don Lancaster
The New Apple II User's Guide written by David Finnigan
DigiBarn Books The Woz Wonderbook
Nibble Magazine and Books Twelve years with the Apple II
Old Computer Books For Sale
VICTA Vintage Computing Technology Archive victa.jamtronix.com

clones COPY/HACK

http://www.apple2clones.com/ 2007-Sep-13 archive.org
Apples from Other Orchards
Les compatibles Apple

history OLDE/SKUL

Apple II History The story of "the MOST personal computer"! Steve Weyhrich  
Macintosh Prehistory The Apple I and Apple II Era
Apple II History Chap 15

beagle brothers BGLE/BROS

Online Museum Being a tribute to the coolest software company of the 80's
Software Repository

unfiled LOST/LINK

A2-2000 - The Apple ][ Computers Monthly Freeware EZine
Apple II Csa2 FAQs Monitors, Part 16-25
Help with Apple .DSK Files Applefritter
http--www.mirrow.com-FPGApple- Alex Freed
R023PINOUTS Csa2 html
Apple2 Forever
APPLE2.ORG.ZA rom images
Tables with correct Chipsets for different Apple II series
YouTube - The Shocking Truth
The cctalk November 2007 Archive by thread
nitrozone five Apple II Collection
retro][neo Old Stuff. New Stuff. And the fusion of the two. Michael Finger
Apple CP/M Yahoo! Groups http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/applecpm/

apple2.programmer emulators marketplace google requires javascript
The Lamp! Apple II Textfiles Jason Scott  
Naver Apple II cafe in Korea
apple2online.com the ultimate ][ online resource
Online Reference point for Apple II software, hardware and the like
FAQ II Computing Apple II user resources home.swbell.net/rubywand/A2FAQs1START.html
apple2scans.net the-lamp 6502 Lane? Mike Maginnis  
Old Tech | New Tech Thoughts and Reviews on Technologies Old and New Warren Ernst  
woz.org a free exchange of information Steve Wozniak AMA  
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