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A new spin on an old favorite!

     Bustling excitement is the best way to describe the way I felt when I first picked up a hula hoop as a child and when I rediscovered the joys of hooping with larger heavier hoops as an adult. It just feels good. It involves a natural rhythm, a sense of play as well as an incredible cardio workout. I take my hoops to festivals, dances and friends backyard parties and everyone wants to hoop. No one believes they can do it as adults, but when they try and succeed there is a smile that appears. I love that smile, to me it signifies a rekindling of a connection to wonder and magic that abounds in childhood. These larger, heavier versions of the light small ones we are used to enable us to dance within its circle, do tricks we never thought possible. It is what can happen when you free that child inside you and give it all the strength of your adult body. It creates more strength in your core muscles and increases agility and movement, with little impact on your joints. It is a great workout and no surprise that it is becoming a growing trend in fitness centers across the globe. I invite you to experience the joys of hooping and if you want to try them out I am at the Gabriola Island Market on Saturdays during the summer. If you cannot make it to the Island you can order directly from this site, all hoops are custom designed and come with a money back guarantee.

Enjoy! Move! Smile! Love from a small island in the Pacific,