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Hoopla, pronounced as Hoopla but with vigour, is one of the best exercising and training online magazines in the province of Ontario or even throughout Canada. If you want the entire story, here you are.

Mary bought a hula hoop

Mary Jimerson, who was working as a contract specialist, is the woman behind the online magazine. She was the one who started the hula hoop movement here in Ontario. The story of how the magazine came to be started with Mary buying a hula hoop to give to her 7-year-old niece.

Mary just started playing around with it and found out the simple activity of hula-hooping can strengthen her core. Mary loved exercising to keep her body in tip-top shape. Every day then, Mary would exercise with that hula hoop and after a month, her core got strong.

So, she decided to share her experience on Instagram. She recorded 5-second videos every day for the entire month and compiled it in into a montage. In the post, Mary shared how the activity helped her be healthier and engaged daily. She even flaunted her improved abs.

The post with the hashtag #Hoopla got a lot of likes and even got reposted by some gyms at Brantford, Ontario where she was living. After getting 3,788 likes on Instagram, Mary decided to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Just like on IG, it was a big hit. Many people then started commenting and asking Mary about her daily routine and how she got fit.

The Hoopla Online Magazine

After all of that, Mary decided to share her story with the world. So, she started a blog. She started writing about her exercise routine and the diet she ate during. People started calling Mary the hula guru, which she exactly is to this day.

The blog took off with more than 50 blog posts after only half a year. With more demands from her audience, Mary decided to hire writers to help her keep and to expand the blog into a full-blown online magazine.

The Hoopla online magazine now has more than 50,000 readers from all over Canada. We publish new issues or volumes every week and we are also active on social media platforms. With the success of the magazine, Mary wanted to give the Hoopla community more.

So, she started shooting and uploading hula-hoop training exercises online. Once again it was a big hit and it started the training video services of Hoopla.

So, if you want to start a healthier lifestyle and don’t have time to go to the gym or go for a jog, contact us today and we will help you out.